Tours ready for Take-Off

Passione a Pedali has developed four day tours (duration variable from 3 up till 11 hours) that will show you some of the highlights of the Tuscia region. All our tours are made to offer a full experience showing you the area but also letting you taste local products. Even a short tour is a trip in the culture and the history of Tuscia. The difficulty level varies, but since we also have e-bikes available, the tours are doable for almost everyone. You would like to enjoy a shorter ride? Check out or Viterbo or Castel d’Asso tour. You prefer to push yourself a little bit further than check out the longer tours to either Villa Lante or Bagnoregio.

Use your own bike during our tours. Maybe you have brought your on bike from your country to here, but you want a guide to help you discover the area better. Just to make sure that your bike is fit for the tour you would like to join, please contact our team.

City of the

With the bike through the city of Viterbo: the Papal Palace

Etruscan Ruins
on the
Via Francigena

With the bike through the city of Viterbo: the Papal Palace

Villa Lante
Old Villages

With the bike through Etruscan carved roads on the Via Francigena

Bolsena Lake
the dying City

With the bike through Etruscan carved roads on the Via Francigena

Viterbo City of the Popes

3 hours


Available Friday & Sunday 

Other days on request

Available on request 

€ 39 per person

Discover Viterbo, the city of the popes. Like Avignon in France, Viterbo has its own papal palace situated on top of a hill overlooking the city. Viterbo’s city walls hide a unique and authentic historical city center, the largest well-preserved medieval city center of central Italy.

Ride with us through medieval quarters, get lost in a labyrinth of alleyways and be surprised by the luminous squares with beautiful fountains surrounded by historic churches and palaces. A tour for everyone who wants to discover the heart of Viterbo. Including an audio-guided visit to the Cathedral, the attached museum and the Papal Palace

  • the Papal Palace
  • the neighborhoods of S. Pellegrino and Pianoscarano
  • Squares with beautiful fountains

Etruscan ruins on the Via Francigena

ca 4 hours


Available Friday & Sunday 

Other days on request

Available on request 

€ 59 per person

Discover the Etruscan countryside and the archaeological ruins hidden in it. Castel d’Asso is one of the most authentic and rough Etruscan necropolis still preserved in the area.

Ride with us, departing from the historical center of Viterbo, on a part of the Via Francigena, a medieval pilgrim route from England to Rome. Follow the impressive Etruscan carved roads – also known as “tagliate” – to end up at the necropolis of Castel d’Asso. Before returning to Viterbo we will have a break to taste some local products in the Tuscia countryside.

  • Viterbo City Center
  • Via Francigena and Etruscan carved roads
  • Castel d’Asso

Villa Lante & old Villages

6 hours


Available Friday & Saturday 

Other days on request

Available on request 

€ 79 per person

Discover the beauty of Villa Lante, one of the most famous and amazing renaissance gardens of Italy. A place where art, nature and fountains work in harmony to create a unique scenery. Besides that visit three beautiful typical villages of the Tuscia region.

Ride with us to Bagnaia passing by the small village of La Quercia with its important Basilica. Here you will spend some time visiting this picturesque village and the renaissance garden of Villa Lante. Before riding back to Viterbo, also the village of Vitorchiano, recently nominated one of “The Most Beautiful Village in Italy” (Borghi più Belli d’Italia), deserves a visit. In between we will stop to taste some local food such as a crunchy piece of white pizza (pizza bianca).

  • The Basilica of Madonna della Quercia
  • Villa Lante
  • The village of Vitorchiano

Bolsena Lake and the dying City

ca 11 hours

Upper intermediate

Thursday & Saturday

start 8 a.m.

€125 per person

Discover the largest volcanic lake of Europe, the Bolsena lake, and Civita di Bagnoregio also known as “the dying village”, a small town that rises up from the Tiber valley only accessible by a steep bridge. Get surprised by the diverse and fascinating landscapes like the almost moon like hills around Civita di Bagnoreggio and the green hills around the Bolsena Lake to finally end up in Montefiascone, birth city of one of the most appreciated wine of the Tuscia: the famous “Est,Est,Est”.

Ride with us for a whole day through the Tuscia region. We will put our bike on the train to easily reach the Lake crater and from the station of Zepponami we ride to Civita where we stop to admire the village and recharge our energy with some food. Then we will arrive the village of Bolsena where we enjoy a beautiful view from the castel tasting a delicious gelato. Time to climb again to gain the most beautiful view of Bolsena Lake from the Rocca dei Papi of Montefiascone drinking a glass of wine.

  • the Village of Civita di Bagnoregio
  • Bolsena and the lake
  • the Village of Montefiascone and Rocca dei Papi