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Passione a Pedali is a passion, a dream that comes true

Passione a Pedali was born on a warm day of May 2017 while I was having lunch with two Dutch friends. Although my wish to start a bike rental and tour service in Tuscia existed already long before that lunch, the name was still a big question mark.

“What I feel when I listen to you talking about bikes and your homeland is passion.” This sentence, spoken by my friend, is the sentence that origins the name.

For six years I have been working as a bike tour leader for the first bike rental and tour service in Rome, and for much more years I have been traveling with my bikes around Europe. All these experiences have grown the wish to come back to my homeland to create something of my own and with its peculiarities.

Passione a Pedali guarantees not just the skills and professionalism of graduated MTB guides of Italian MTB National Academy but especially the passion for the places where we pedal through and the bicycle in general.

Passione a Pedali is also a home and helping center for who wants to share their experiences, travels and “adventures” by bike: cyclist, bike travelers and pilgrims are very welcome.
Pass by for a chat and a cup of coffee and we will give you a new vision of this land and of traveling through it.